Bring energy, ambiance and culture to your next event with Loupe. A cost-effective solution for temporary decor and site-specific permanent installations. Contact us today to discuss the easy technical setup and design of a unique curated streaming art experience.

  • Hospitality Lounges

  • Product Launches

  • Luxury Property Sales

  • Gallery Openings

  • VIP Spaces

  • Galas & Fundraisers

The ability to literally turn on atmosphere enhancing visuals offers an incredible opportunity for the events industry, supporting diverse brand missions and installations.

The unique offering for brands to curate their own playlists of artwork, perhaps only seen on-site at an activation or, better yet, as a channel that can be streamed globally, brings about a new vertical to expand reach to a massive audience.
— Karrie Bran — Loupe's Managing Partner and owner, The Kagency