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Amorous Abyss

Created in 2017

What do you stand behind? • Pax Saváge: I stand behind equality, justice, and kindness. I stand behind people doing whatever they want as long as they don't harm themselves or others. I stand behind self love and trying to love those whom you cross paths with, but I also stand behind not taking anyone's shit and fighting for what's right. I stand behind my fellow strong black women, my fellow gays, my queer people, my trans brothers and sisters, my neighbors of any spirituality or ethnicity, and every person who just wants to live their best lives in their truest, self-loving form. • Do you remember the first time you were interested in art? If so, how has that moment get you to start photography? • Pax Saváge: I've been interested in art for as long as I could remember. I won my first art contest in 3rd grade for a drawing of a swamp to raise wildlife conservancy awareness. I've always used art as a structure for activism and giving voices to the voiceless. Today I use my photography to break stigmas of beauty standards and to promote body positivity by shooting unconventional models in high fashion style shoots. I also use my photography to express my political views and bring awareness to social issues; for example, I just finished a series exploring the stigmas of black mental health. I believe art is the most influential tool in social change and I will continue to use it to promote diversity and love until my dying days.