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Donna Garcia

Created 2017

Archival Pigment Print: Midnight Mythology elaborates on the idea of pulling away from a cultural grand narrative and towards a state of becoming and potential. Self-portraiture with motion and the idea of animism provide an indication of the other in this work, a threat to the fixed position. It is a surplus threat to the perpetuity of the modern day superstructure in defining elements like gender. Otherness is much more because it is grounded in being and is non-binary in nature. I am able to slip outside of the rigidity of the group by creating these unstable images in which the subject operates through two points, in a kind of in-between, liminal space or by using glacial draughts of air to transcend them. In doing so, my pictures illustrate a destabilization from the strict, scientific representation that limits them and brings them into a state that frees the full potential of the subject.