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Created in 2017. In this series I explore the nature of memory, how we may distort the past, and the difficulty, sometimes, of preventing the loss of a particular view of our past. It’s decades since I lived in Manhattan, and I no longer know if what I’m remembering of my time there is accurate or just part of a narrative I’ve created. Each of the works in this series uses the same image but I change the color palette to reflect the emotions connected to different memories of the scene. What’s missing and what have I added that wasn’t really there? Is that how it looked or how I want to remember it? While the bright and colorful artworks I create look like paintings, in fact, they're mixed media works that combine digital photo manipulation and fiber arts. I use elements of multiple photos to compose a new image reflecting the story I want to tell. I print the image on specially treated fabric using a wide format archival ink printer. The next step in the process is layering and stitching to create additional texture and highlight specific areas. Then three coats of varnish are applied, and the pieces are matted and framed.
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