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M. Clark
Created in 2018. Clark’s mixed media art uses metallic foils to create dynamic conversations between constancy and chaos. Working with ordinary products and reimagining their use in abstraction, Clark manipulates heat and pressure to adhere flat elements to varied surfaces. The results are pieces that reflect light in diffuse patterns producing depth not easily achievable using other mediums. This shifting light shows the true dimension of each piece as it reflects off the foil. Clark grew up among the mountains in a small Idaho town and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Graphic Design. The artwork has roots in the way Clark interprets symbols. Being dyslexic, context, depth, and connection on the printed page are more powerful for Clark than stringed characters. Clark sees a multidimensional shape and arc in words–linear structure broken by entropy and movement. Clark transfers this way of seeing and translating to the creative process. Based in New York City, Clark’s award-winning works have been featured in international publications and media, and exhibited in The Smithsonian.