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Created in 2021.

Kīlauea is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands that last erupted between 1983 and 2018. Baku's testimonial: Kilauea is a very particular piece. Stephanie was working on a portrait on this canvas. White paint was accidentally dropped over her work. She decided to cover the face fully with white paint. We could only see a silhouette of the portrait. The paint she used started to crack while drying. We fell in love with this rough crackling effect and decided to create an abstract work over it. It was in the middle of summer. It was too hot outside to create. I remember it being very warm in the workshop when this volcanic creation happened. Heat is good though, it helps with the fixing of the resin. Kilauea looks very smooth. Resin Art This artwork is part of the emerging artist portfolio "Young and Bold" curated by Bidgala, a global online art community empowering young creatives in every medium.