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Saint August

Created in 2021.

This is an original ballpoint drawing. I spent 350hours to create this masterpiece of a child holding a little billy(goat). God is the greatest of all time, the allegory of this piece is that, the child wearing a smirk on her face, is the lamb of God however she also has her own lamb in her arm which she will protect no matter what. Which is the same way God will protect his own. Symbolically we all are God’s creation and he will do whatever it takes to protect us from harms way but in return, we should take care of the other creation/creatures the co-exist with us on the planet and by doing so, we need to carry love along. The bitter truth is when it comes down to survival, all love is lost. God’s is never insufficient no matter the situation or the circumstance. This piece suggests to its viewers a question of who has the biggest heart