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Pablo Caviedes

Acrylic on Canvas, Mannequin Series Price includes shipping from ARTI.NYC

“I have developed my most recent series “Mannequin” with the same language of metaphors and the use of some iconic visual figures present in the magical realistic world, which I touched some years back in my creative process. This concept returns in “Mannequin”, to be updated and fused with the dilemmas of the society within the modern world. An example of these dilemmas is the loss of the essence of what is natural and human in our daily coexistence. The series reflects my own experience over the last years. I’m a faithful witness to these new realities in which we live and observe that all that appears to be natural has often been previously preconceived.”
Original Art
48 x 48 inches

Painting - Acrylic
Price: $11,000.00