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Karen Lee

Created in 2018. Lady Liberty once stood guard at our eastern shore to welcome and guide new arrivals seeking freedom and opportunity. My fear that this is no longer the case informed the creation of this artwork. Has this symbol of a nation's values and ideals lost her place in the American story and has she been put on an ice floe to float out to sea and perish? I hope it's not too late to pull her back...

The original artwork, 23x30, was created using a unique mixed media process blending photography and fiber arts. Elements of multiple photos are layered to produce a new and very different image. After additional digital manipulation changing colors, lines, and shapes, the image is printed with fine art archival inks on photo sensitive fabric. Layering and stitching added for emphasis are the next steps in the process, and finally three coats of varnish are applied before the work is matted and framed. The viewer sees a "painting"" but there's actually photographic treasure buried in its core.
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