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Zahyr K-R Lauren

Created in 2017. Crafted as a meditation on the right of descendants of enslaved Africans to thrive, the colors for this piece of peace evolved from my study of flags from the African diaspora. The central meditation was one of love, peace, and freedom for all people dispersed throughout time and space by the inhumanity of enslavement.

It took me approximately 30 days to create this piece, during that time more than 20 Black people were murdered by the police in the U.S. Each color, each mark, each breath, was informed by the pain and rage I feel on a daily basis regarding the systemic brutality and oppression of black people, particularly in the U.S. It has been clear to me, as a former Human Rights Investigator, Law Student, and Attorney, that the criminal punishment system, is not designed to facilitate justice, but intentionally functions to maintain an oppressive imbalance of power by targeting communities living at the most disenfranchised intersections of race and class.
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