Detail Page


Vanessa Stefanova

Created in 2022

"This painting is a sequel to Vanessa's painting 'Priorities' which is a pineapple pyramid (sold). The original idea came from the Pharaohs pyramids crossed with witnessing how people around her would spend money on unhealthy items for instant gratification then sulk about the repercussions.. rinse and repeat. So instead of making a painting of a pyramid symbolizing the possessions and status Vanessa painted a cubist fruit to represent investing in your heath as opposed to things that don't actually contribute to your life in a positive way.

In this painting Vanessa painted strawberry print for the first time and also included flamingos with peacock tails (the ultimate show-off bird), The strawberries leaves become wings or vice versa and this painting is one where she experimented with depth by blurring the background."