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Natalie McGuire

Created in 2022

The Trees are walking away from the forest that they’ve only known, fleeing invasive species that are killing them. Like refugees wandering into the unknown seeking safe grounds to flourish.  I dedicate this picture to all the refugees around the world who have endured the pain of this journey. I’ve donated money to humanitarian aides but still feel helpless as I watch this war unfold on Tv in my safe home. I will pay higher gas prices and bite my tongue as this is a small price to pay for what Putin is doing to Ukraine and the world.   I will cut back on other areas, like dining out, and buying unnecessary “stuff” and put that money towards Humanitarian Aid to help the people of Ukraine.  I write that because I saw a Ukrainian woman on the news say to the world, “appreciate the little things in life like seeing blue skies and breathing fresh air.” I do appreciate the little things in life and do this also in honor of her request, as I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge and for that I’m grateful.
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