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Sarah Tse

Created 2016. Pencil, watercolor, acrylic, lace, grass, sand on panel.

One of the four paintings from "In a World of My Own” series, comes with a free iOS app crafted in collaboration with interactive designer Rémi Engel. Download the app from app and watch the paintings come to life. “The use of AR (augmented reality) allows the devices to recognize the paintings and track their position in space, in order to add visuals and animations on the screen that overlay with the artwork and gallery space. This builds the illusion that animals and other objects are breaking free from their canvas, into a three-dimensional rendering of my hand-drawn landscapes for the audience to explore. And I believe the mobile application brings my audience into my dreamlike world, instead of looking at a flat painting in front of it. The mobile application also challenges how we look at a flat painting through technology, and more specifically through the screen of a mobile device – a habit that has become very popular with the uprising of social media and camera.”