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Jenny Collins

At first glance a soft realistic animal with perfect geometric hard lines indicate contrast, duality, yin/yang, or opposing ideas. But in actuality, math is in everything, it is everything in our visible and even invisible world. Art is actually just geometry and shapes and sizes and proportions and gradients that convey information/emotion/feelings via light energy, just like music is just frequencies and wavelengths that convey information/emotion/feelings via sound energy . Math, however, is a man-made measuring and comparing system that we created as a tool. It has nothing to do with nature directly, only our perspective of nature. This really brings up a deeper subject, which is self-awareness. Only self-aware (self-conscious) beings can create something like math and perfect geometry. Perfect circles and straight lines rarely happen in the natural world, even planets are slightly spherical.

Graphite pencil and micron/sharpie on paper
More about the Artist:
Jenny Collins started drawing in 2008 while working on a PhD in materials science engineering in Colorado. What had started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion that she just had to pursue, and she quickly landed a tattoo apprenticeship the same year.  Two years later Jenny earned her stripes and has been tattooing full-time ever since. She is now based in Atlanta, Ga, working out of her private studio. 
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