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Francisco Letelier

Created 2019 Unframed mural panel on canvas, It has grommets on the edges and is ready for hanging.

Soñador Veniztlan- Venice Dreamer: Soñador Veniztlan celebrates 'Dreamers' a generation of Mexican, Indigenous and Latino people brought to the United Sates as children by parents looking for a new life North of the Rio Grande. Although Dreamers have added to the cohesion and wealth of the United States in myriad ways their legal status as Americans remains in question. In the image a skateboarder with the headdress of an Aztec warrior jumps over a razor wire barrier on a skateboard. The work calls attention to the pioneering involvement by these and other immigrants in the skate and surf culture emblematic of California, Los Angeles and Venice Beach California. Veniztlan = Venice and is a play on the Nahuatl language spoken in these geographies before European arrival and the later acquisition of a large part of Mexico by the United States as the spoils and reason of the Mexican -American War. "We did not cross the border, the border crossed us" The work has been displayed in several street art festivals.
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