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Fazar Roma Agung Wibisono

Created in 2018

Starting a seedling, everything is a start again to live at the beginning of a new life, just as plant seeds in order to grow must return to digging, cultivating, sowing seeds and reaping all the fruits of what we have planted. Spinning the day under the new morning sun, it becomes a thing to start from zero like other things, but this time it's different, everyone has to scavenge, dig, spread, cultivate from a new beginning, without "COMPLAINTS" even though there will always be complaints but try to be reflection, because this is how it should be, all things will get used to being good, all have signs, all have meanings for different natures and situations. Nature is trying to be fixed, according to or sometimes not as it should be with reality, what is seen, done and even imagined, it is still certain, with the love of all nature by starting a seed, will give good.
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