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Pablo Caviedes

Acrylic on Canvas, Mannequin Series. Price includes shipping from ARTI.NYC

"An internationally acclaimed artist who has shown his work in many countries including France, Spain, Ecuador and the United States, Caviedes reminisced about being naturally disposed to drawing at a very early age and how he found sanctuary as a child in the art making process. At age sixteen he was given the opportunity to enroll in art school and by age twenty he was actively pursuing his career as an artist. His big break when he was selected to receive the 1994 Paris Award, considered to be the most important award for Ecuadorian artists under the age of forty. “This opened the door for me to go to Paris and connected me with Europe” Caviedes explained. It was through discussions with artists and curators in Paris that Caviedes made the decision to move to New York City, a city he still refers to as the center of the art world.” Dena Hawes, art consultant.
Original Art
48 x 48 inches

Painting - Acrylic
Price: $11,000.00