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Fazar Roma Agung Wibisono

Created in 2018

The last forest as a home to think about, move, strive for, where to welcome the soul's instincts, as a place to listen to where it intends to convey our choices. The last forest as a place of warm silence, a time of fear, anxiety and discomfort on the "JOURNEY" to the last forest, a visit from a place of soul where we can also face fears and contradictions of body and soul without lying to ourselves. The last forest as a place to build the soul, body because it will accompany us in finding a new place and meaning: the attraction of inspiration for the body and soul. The female character who in literature is often associated with the mother of earth, the mother of space, is fixated on the hearts of newcomers and of the last inhabitant of the forest, as a donor, filled with serenity, which accompanies the "CHILDREN" directly into the adult "Forest".
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