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Daryna Nesterenko (DARNESS)

Created 2021

6th picture of the cycle "Lady..."

"...It was a very weird feeling. Everyone in the room could confirm that I was wide awake. But were they? I felt like someone was taking something precious from me, so I desired to prolong that moment - like a drug addict, even though I was never a fan of such things..."

Сontinuation of the story in the next picture "movement.".

The painting depicts Egyptian goddess Bast trying to recreate a triangle with her body, symbolizing the Deity. As Bast is considered to be a goddess of feminine beauty and fertility, she embodies all the holiness, which can be found in a woman. The ‘Triangle’ also has hidden symbols of a sistrum - a musical instrument associated with Bast. The painting is filled with strong mystical energy, created by both the shapes and the impact of the color blue.
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