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Sivan Dayan

Created 2014. Oil on canvas.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1987). Lives and works in New York. “When people discover each other’s cracks and scars, they come to trust and depend on one another. The relationship becomes more flexible like the glass after it shatters. Impact also makes the glass stronger. In its unbroken state, the glass object must be placed within a larger framework or in some way propped up. But after it is broken, it can be modeled into freestanding structures. The glass itself may be less strong, but the glue holding the two pieces allows the now-flexible object to hold itself upright. My personal experience of this work is of a reflective nature. Safety glass is a reflective surface. In its reflection, I see myself. As I break the glass, I am helping it to be more vulnerable and fragile. If vulnerability means that a person is susceptible to physical or emotional harm, then my work embraces the possibilities for strength in that condition.”
More about the Artist:
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel (1987). Lives and works in New York. In 2013 Sivan obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA, with concentration in painting and sculpture, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Department of Multidisciplinary Arts, Israel. In 2017 she graduates from MFA School of Visual Arts, Fine arts Department, New York. In 2014 and 2015 she had two solo exhibitions in Tel Aviv, and now she is showing twice a year in New York.