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Alan Lacke

Created 2018

It is based on the spontaneous gesture of very liquid pigments that the artist traces with a brush, also relying on the creation of handmade tools to represent the concept of direct printing on the press. They represent a chromatic range based on vibrant and more tropical colours, acquiring a certain touch of character through the use of gold and silver inks. It is therefore an abstract painting in which the spontaneous, confident and free expression of the gesture when he paints is of fundamental importance. But without ever neglecting a previous and detailed study of the pictorial exercise and the final composition. There is always a search for the essential in my work, for the spirit of things, for what is beyond the surface, beyond the visible. The works try to suppress barriers, differences, limits and to create a universal language in which to take the spectator to a silent contemplation that transmits an almost mystical and globalised sensation of seeing the world
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