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Eduardo Terranova
Created 2015. Color Plating Process on Canvas. Coming from a country that has been over fifty years in an internecine war, the artist destroys and constructs his own canvases by hand stitching. He then re-skins the canvas with layers of metallic paints. Quoting Pablo Neruda “Love is so short and oblivion so long…” the artist makes us see that hand stitching is a long process; a process of “healing” physically and psychologically. His studio practice investigates the reflection of metals as optical phenomena and materiality as he destroys and constructs his works in order to find a new metaphysics of the "painted surface" and a new abstraction. His creations or "constructs" question the concept of memory, reflection and craft making exploring issues of aspiration, identity and integration. Terranova's works also move away from the traditional two dimensionality evoking, with his works, an incredible sense of light, space, movement, and time. The artist uses metal plating techniques, plaster, and hand stitching on canvas and burlap.