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Amorous Abyss

Created in 2017

What do you stand behind? • Lametrius: I stand behind self care. Self care plays such a crucial role in my life right now because it determines whether or not I am present and functional or self-destructive and depressed. With self care, I am physically, spiritually, and mentally better. I feel like I can finally be the best version of myself. It's all about facing your reality and finally finding love for yourself and stop searching for it in other places and people. • Do you remember the first time you were interested in writing? And how does it play a part in your daily life since then? • Lametrius: Free form writing and poetry were always two modes of expressions that came naturally to me. It's more so a feeling, so I guess you can say it's always been an interest of mine. Throughout life, writing has always been my best form of communication and always a part of my healing process. I feel entirely so much on a daily basis, and can easily find myself overwhelmed. My thoughts tend to become jumbled around in my head, so verbal communication has never been one of my strongest points, but writing, words, poetry -- they're all my best forms of expression. They're saving my life.