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Vanessa Stefanova

Created in 2021.

Recently Vanessa retired her latest car.. reluctantly. Which caused her to reflect on how my previous cars have held a theme for what Vanessa was doing at that time in her life. Vanessa never liked the colour of her first car, from 'day dot' Vanessa said she'd paint it blue. It never turned out blue but Vanessa gained some skills spray-painting cars, this car went all the colours. The day it was written off Vanessa had been making big plans for the next spray.

The next car, above it. Vanessa carried on the spray-painting only once and learnt how to wire up electricity. Vanessa ended up putting 22 indicators on it, like a mini truck, and put another models headlights on it. The bottom lit up with blue as she high-beamed. That car didn't last long.

The final car I decided it was time to look like an adult, so Vanessa sprayed it only to fix the previous owners blemishes. She kept the lights as normal to possible and practiced how to advertise with it (without permanently altering the car).