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Vanessa Stefanova

Created in 2021.

A few weeks back Vanessa's mates asked what this juice that she made tasted like and Vanessa told them.. “round and brown”. she repeated myself because she often confuse people with some of the things I say and they told her “Oh you're synaesthetic”. Vanessa had no clue what they meant.. At first she thought that meant that you see colours with music although soon learnt it includes any trigger of another sense when using a different one. After a week of going in a google rabbit hole Vanessa learnt that she does a few.. But this painting is based on tasting the shapes and colours of flavours.

This is cheese, Vanessa's lactose intolerant so there's only one yellow cheese she can buy, it doesn't say what type and this is what Vanessa see's when tasting cheese. A rich smooth orange/red brown (like the Australian earth colour, the yellow sunset is the sharp aftertaste that follows, yet, she's not focused on that) and the cheese has a wide flavour, so Vanessa expresses the wide-ness as a clear sheet (warmer than glass) floating over and moulding with the curves of the ground that stretches as far as you can see.