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Joseph Gilmore

After Joseph Gilmore's first visit to Dakar Senegal in West Africa he began to think a lot about the maternal energy of the Earth. We all have a mother or mothers. However, the most prevalent image of the mother is that of a chaste sexless being. In recent history many people even object to a mother breast feeding in public which I think is weird. Gilmore grew up in the southern U.S.A during a time when his community just saw a human mother feeding her human baby and were unfazed by the act. He feels that it is a Divine act. His Divine Mother painting is sexy on purpose. The mother is the ship by which we all travel into this life, and the most common way to enter into the Mother Ship is through sex. Therefore , his Divine Mother is unabashedly sexy!

This artwork is part of the emerging artist portfolio "Young and Bold" curated by Bidgala, a global online art community empowering young creatives in every medium.