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Anna Koval

Created in 2015

London. The first artwork that won the 1st place at the international exhibition. This picture, made in sepia, with thin prescribed lines, is a kind of reference to my long life in the UK. For more than six months, while still a student, I lived and worked in North Yorkshire. It was a very interesting experience for me. I was imbued with culture, met new people, with different styles, among which was steampunk. This style formed the basis of the first, truly significant work for me. Since its creation in 2015, the painting has been exhibited more than 15 times, won prizes three times in Moscow at international exhibitions and decorated the golf club for more than six months. This small picture is a real symbol of creativity for me, it gave me an amazing confidence that I did not radically change my occupation in vain, and truly gave me incredible confidence in the creative future, at the same time reminding me of the distant 2006, when I walked through the night streets of London.
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