Detail Page


Vanessa Stefanova

Created in 2021

"Vanessa began this painting with an entirely different idea in mind, originally having the cow-pear in a therapy chair facing a picture that resembles a window with a tree branching in and the walls divided into indoors and outdoors. Instead Vanessa didn't vibe with the painting and decided to get creative with it. In the mornings she has breakfast on her balcony surrounded by trees and look up into the blue sky. So she decided to paint that. The fruit stuck on the wall is her breakfast, as if the cow-pear keeps it there, pulling one down to snack on it and it looks out into the blue where there are imaginary animals. Vanessa decided to paint the coloured elephants and giraffes from my digital artworks. At first she wanted to paint the elephant with the same long curly legs as the giraffe although facing an obstacle where people liken her artworks to Dali's so she avoided elephants with long legs. Instead stretching it's ears into and behind the water. Vanessa hid the giraffes face and originally intended to hide the elephants face with the idea that they share a head. The tape is different on each fruit because she wanted to reference the real life issue where tape always seems to be running out! I also decided it was important to brand the items in the paintings with barcode stickers of my own."